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8 best caterers to organize your events in the UK

Your event is planned in two months, you’ve already called on a florist and a photographer but you still have to find the perfect caterer. Indeed, the food served at a wedding, a birthday, a Gala dinner or a seminar, has to be meticulously prepared and plated up and for that, you need one of the best caterer of the country, an experienced and well-known one. As the United Kingdom is a huge territory with different countries, it exists many of event caterers that can prepare your food for your event. To make the task easier for you, we decided to pick 8 caterers that we consider being the best ones in the country.


The Edinburgh Catering Company

With the Edinburgh Catering Company as your caterer for your corporate event, you’ll be sure to have the best catering service throughout the day or the evening. Using high-quality products to prepare a bespoke menu for you and your guests, they pay attention to all of their products and prioritize the local production than the international one. Their main purpose is to be able to satisfy you and obviously all of your guests and they want that their food remains in their minds as one of the best memory of the event.


Top Class Catering

Based in Glasgow, Top Class Catering offers you a top-quality food at a very good price without impacting the quality of products and food at all. A wedding, a conference or a Gala dinner, they are prepared for all types of events offering you a large possibility of meals by putting different packages at your disposal, in that way, it is easier for you to choose what you want depending on the type of reception you organize.


By Word of Mouth

By Word of Mouth is a renowned caterer in the United Kingdom, especially thanks to their expertise and their excellence in this food sector. As well as corporate events, they organize your private event meticulously considering all your requests in order to exceed all your expectations.


The Good Food Catering Company

The passion that is prevailed at the Good Food Catering Company allows them to prepare bespoke menus for all kind of events, weddings as well as cocktails and product launch. Whatever you request, they’ll do it with pleasure and commitment. From the simple food to the sophisticated one, they prepare everything for you and your guests.


Eden Caterers

At Eden Caterers, sustainability is their watchword. They offer you a large range of local and seasonal food throughout the year that allows them to prepare delicious and outstanding food for all types of events, private as well as professional. From wedding dinner, canapés, breakfast to sandwich lunch or afternoon tea, they are able to meet your need whatever you need or ask for.



From Gala dinners or conferences to wedding parties or birthdays, PenniBlack is committing to offering quality food and bespoke menus matching your desires and your event. Their creativity and their desire of making your event memorable lead them to prepare beautifully plated up dishes. In that way, you and your guests will be staring at all the good food without wanting to eat it because it will be too beautiful.


Just Good Food

Your wedding dinner or your cocktail party will be successful with Just Good Food as they do their best to provide you with a high-quality sustainable food. Each menu for each event and each client is different as they are committing to preparing bespoke menus with exceptional food. With their dishes perfectly plated up, their intention is to wow you and your guests, visually as well as from a gustatory point of view.



If you’re planning a Gala dinner or a product launch, Tophat is here to meet all your needs. All their food will be tailor-made to your special event, reflecting the brand identity and what message you want to send to your employees and clients. Everything will be prepared carefully in minute detail.

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