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10 best photographers to organize your event in the UK

Photography allows us to immortalize our best and cherished moments of life. Years later, we can live those moments once again thanks to the photographs we took at that moment and reminisce about the good time. This is exactly what we need when we’re planning an event, an important event that has to be remembered. A wedding, a birthday, a Gala dinner or a conference, a professional photographer is always needed during those events. Nonetheless, today, they are plenty of them who can pretend to be professional and good but in reality there are not professional at all or they will not exceed your expectations and you will be disappointed. This choice is crucial for the success of your event and for your own satisfaction, thus, it is important to choose a proper photographer, an experienced one, that’s why we selected for you the 10 best photographers to organize your event in the United Kingdom.


Kate Cowdrey

In London, you will find numerous talented event photographers and among them, there is Kate Cowdrey. Kate is a professional photographer who can capture all types of event such as wedding, birthday or parties. She adapts herself to each client and each event in order to have a unique and magical result. Each time she has to take photographs during an event, she brings smile and happiness and each moment she captured spreads love, emotions and laughter.


Event photographer London

For your corporate event, we found the perfect talented and professional photographer that you need. His name is Oleg and he has a really great experience in photography. Indeed, he was first a portrait photographer and had the opportunity to work with celebrities such as Elton John or Cara Delavigne and big companies like Facebook and Google. Thus, that made him the best candidate for being your private photographer for your Gala dinner or for your conference. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


Jules Bower

Jules Bower is a British professional photographer based in Italy being a photographer for Italian weddings as well as international weddings. As you might have noticed, he is specialized in weddings photography and thus, will perfectly capture your best moments of the most memorable day of your life. His photography is unique that makes him one of the most talented professional photographer that you may need at your special day.


Lina and Tom

This couple is a reference in terms of wedding photography but not only. They also work for corporate events, conferences, conventions, parties to name just a few, so they have this facility to adapt themselves to each situation, to each request, to each profile of client, that make them professional and talented photographers that you need at your event to be properly remembered. Working all over UK as well as internationally, this couple is the incarnation of perfection.


Sam & Yaz

The wedding of your dreams can’t come true without a good photographer and fortunately for you, we found a photographer couple who will realize that dream. Sam & Yaz are a creative and passionate couple who love taking memorable photographs at wedding days. Their sophisticated and elegant style will captivate you and your guests by making you laugh and cry at the same time.


Caroline Opacic

Creativity and happiness are her priority when it comes to photography. Caroline appears at wedding to capture all the happiest and most emotional moments of that special day. It is her job and she likes it, she wants to see people having fun and seizing the day and capture that, her photographs has to reflect the exact situation, whether they are laughing, dancing, singing or crying.


Neverland photography

Lina is a professional Italian photographer who is completely passionate about her job and weddings. If she’s at your wedding day, she’ll probably cry because she lives all the moments as it was her sister’s big day, she is thoroughly involved in her mission of taking unique and magical photographs of the most beautiful day of your life. You will never find a more passionate and involved photographer than her.


Barbara K. photography

She needs happiness around her and this is what a wedding can provide, so this is the reason why she became a wedding photographer. Barbara is capturing all the good moments and as much “quirky people” as possible because this is what makes her happy. With her by your side at your wedding day, you can be sure to spend the most magical day of your life and see those moments again thanks to her perfect job.


Kristian Leven

Kristian promise you to capture all the moments of joy and for that, you have to hire him at your wedding day. His photography is natural as well as artistic. He reckons that finding a professional photographer is not a rough task, you simply have to ask him what you want exactly, with all the details and he will always strive to do his best to exceed your expectations.


Jamie Penfold photography

Finally, here you will find another talented and passionate photographer who will do his best to reassure you and take as much natural photographs as possible. His purpose is to put people and himself at ease to spend an unforgettable day and capture all those moments of joy and cry that will be remembered forever.


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